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Song of Redemption

Song of Redemption

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by Zecharya Hoffman (Author)

A SPELL-BINDING STORY THAT CAPTURES THE HEART AND MIND, AND ENLIGHTENS THE SOUL. What is unique about Song of Redemption? Song of Redemption is a gripping novel set in a historical era that has rarely been covered in contemporary Jewish literature. The story delves into a turbulent century of our ancient history, bringing a deeper understanding of the pivotal issues that shaped Klal Yisroel’s destiny. The reader bonds with the colorful characters while following the intriguing twists and turns of the riveting plot, and at the same time isenlightened with information and profound insights. Which type of readership would mostly enjoy the book? The book appeals to all ages – from younger teens who would certainly enjoy experiencing the book’s thrilling adventures, to mature readers who would appreciate the insight and powerful lessons that emerge from these pages. Teachers and scholars will find a wealth of information, whether completely new to them or newly organized and presented with newfound clarity. The book is also enhanced with beautiful charts that help the reader grasp the context of events, and the compilation of sources are a treasure trove of information. In short, it is a book for everyone! What other books were published by Zecharya Hoffman? Song of Redemption is Zecharya Hoffman’s second book, and follows the style of bestselling “Dual Discovery” which was published in 2009. Dual Discovery is currently available in four languages, with the fifth language being released shortly. It has enthralled tens of thousands of readers in all languages. This new book covers a much larger era and involved a tremendous amount of research that took many years to collect and sort through. We are certain that the feedback from readers will match the enthusiasm the first book generated around the entire world. Song of Redemption makes a wonderful gift for parents, friends, teachers, or that special someone – and of course, make sure to get your own copy today! Prepar

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