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Getting To Know Your SOUL [דע את נפשך]

Getting To Know Your SOUL [דע את נפשך]

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Understand your personality. Develop your soul.

Getting to Know Your Soul דע את נפשך is the companion volume to the popular Da Es Atzmecha —”Getting to Know Your Self.”

Each one of us has a unique personality, but so often we are tempted judge ourselves in comparison to others. We become self-critical and lose sight of our individual purpose in life. We also tend to judge others too quickly, asking, “Why is he like that?”

Classic Torah texts explain the four fundamental elements of personality: fire, water, wind, and earth. For the first time ever, this information is explained in English clearly and in great detail. By studying this work, you will understand your primary trait and gain great insight into yourself and those around you. In addition, you will learn how to balance your primary trait with the other ones in order to create a healthy balance.

In Part Two, which describes the thirteen attributes of the soul, you will learn how to develop your mental and emotional faculties to their fullest potential. You will learn about abilities you never knew you were capable of, and will gain a totally new understanding of the faculties you are familiar with.

This is a complete course in self-actualization which will aid anyone in search of a better understanding of the self and true spirituality. As with “Da Es Atzmecha,” psychologists, educators, and others in helping professions will benefit from the deep truths revealed within its pages.

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