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Getting To Know Your SELF [דע את עצמך]

Getting To Know Your SELF [דע את עצמך]

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Self-knowledge is the intermediate path for attaining the ultimate goal of every Jew which is knowledge of the Creator. For this reason, Da Es Atzmecha (“Getting to Know Your Self”) is an important prelude to the Bilvavi series of nine volumes.

In order to be able to connect with Hashem in an authentic way, we must first break through the façade that taints and distorts our self-concept. After banishing the distracting inner “noise,” we can start the work of finding our true selves, and bring that “self” closer to Hashem. Self-perfection requires both self-knowledge and knowledge of the Creator. If one places self-knowledge before knowledge of the Creator, his method is solid, as long as it is balanced with time devoted to knowledge of Hashem as well.

This book is divided into two parts. The first part deals with removing the “garments” of the soul. It teaches how to break through them and reach the elusive, innermost point of the soul. The outer layers of the soul contain a mixture of good and evil, but the innermost point, our goal and destination, is totally good. The second part of the book teaches a person how to be free of impulsiveness and anxiety in order to reach inner balance and emotional peace.

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