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Getting To Know Your HOME [דע את ביתך]

Getting To Know Your HOME [דע את ביתך]

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As Jews, whenever we want to clarify an area, we don’t rely solely on logic and the experience of experts. We try to understand our tradition from earlier generations and find its roots in the Torah, starting with the Chumash and continuing to the words of our Sages and the later commentaries.”
“Getting to Know Your Home” is the fifth in the series of English adaptations of the author’s popular sefarim. Each volume offers clear, practical instructions for achieving the maximum potential from our daily lives.

This volume is comprised of three sections, translated from previously published Hebrew sefarim or lectures that the author has given in Israel and America. The first section is a collection of drashas on the topic of “returning.” The second section discusses the condition of the Jewish home today with advice on strengthening and maintaining our family relationships. The third section considers the education of our children, by way of penetrating analysis, insightful observation, and easy to implement instruction on raising spiritually and emotionally healthy children.

“Getting to Know Your Home” will aid anyone trying to understand our generation. Packed with insights based solely on Torah thought, you will find this sefer intriguing and thought provoking.

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