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Getting To Know Your FEELINGS [דע את הרגשותיך]

Getting To Know Your FEELINGS [דע את הרגשותיך]

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Uncover your truer, deeper feelings. Heal your negative emotions.

Getting To Know Your Feelings דע את הרגשותך – continues the exploration into our soul, which began with the popular Da Es Atzmecha (“Getting To Know Your Self”), Da Es Nafshecha (“Getting To Know Your Soul”), and Da Es Beischa (“Getting to Know Your Home”).

We each have seven primary emotions, which can be used either negatively or positively: self-love, self-hatred, pride, stubbornness, admission, connection, and lowliness. We can each uncover the main negative emotion in our lives and attain emotional peace. We can also learn how to access our true emotions, which are the deeper feelings within the layer of our G-dly soul. If we access those deeper feelings within us, we can all lead a life of gratifying emotional experiences, knowing how to develop lasting feelings, and reacting better to our respective life situations.

“Getting To Know Your Feelings” clarifies our emotional world. Although our emotions do not fully define our very essence – for there is more to who we are than our emotions – our emotions nonetheless play a big role in our life, and we need to learn how to refine them. This sefer reveals astounding truths about the emotions of a Jew’s soul , explained clearly through the pure wisdom of Torah and Chazal. Anyone who reads this book seriously, will discover true healing both within these pages and within yourself. This is a sefer that can truly help you grow.


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